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''The skill to skin and carve animal corpses.''
''The skill to skin and carve animal corpses.''
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[[Category: Skills]]
[[Category: Skills]]

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The skill to skin and carve animal corpses.

Produces raw skins, animal meat, intestines or feathers. Requires a knife.


  • Gatherer stamina economy (0.5% per level)
  • Tool durability economy (0.7% per level)


All abilities are passive.

Name Skill Effect Note
Neat cut 5 Skinning increase +1 Increases the number of skins gathered.
Pick up shreds 10 Skinning fail 30% Gathers some resources even in case of failure.
Skinning speed 20 Skinning speed 100% Speeds up the gathering process.
Skinning practice 30 Skinning increase +1 Additionally increases the amount of extracted resources.