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Text editing:

Paragraph text: <p>Paragraph text.</p><p>More paragraph text.</p>

Paragraph text.

More paragraph text.

Text indent for the first line of the paragraph: <p style="text-indent:10px;">Paragraph text.</p>

Paragraph text.

Stiles within the text: Let's say you want <span style="color:#FFFF00;">to change the color of the text</span> within paragraph

Let's say you want to change the color of the text within paragraph


Blocks <div />. are good for formating of the page, they allow to save proportions of the content for various resolutions of the screen.
1. We are creating block of the content: <div style="background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3);padding:10px;display:inline-block;">content within determines<br>the size of the block</div>

content within determines
the size of the block

2. Formatting and aligning of the blocks: <div style="float:left;background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3);display:inline-block;width:200px;height:100px;margin-left:20px;"></div>

Block 1
float:left - indicates, that elements can float each other from the left
Block 2
width and height - dimentions that the content can't overflow, unless you indicate overflow-y:hidden; - in that case content will overflow the block
Block 4
float:right; - indicates that the element will be floating by the right side of the page.
Block 3
overflow:auto; - automatically fills the available space, in case if there is more content than the block, a scrolling of the text will appear
margin-left:20px; and margin-right:20px; Indicated in block 2 and 4, indicate margins of the blocks on the left and on the right.
Block 3 must be written at the very end to understand how wide it can expand (blocks 1, 2 and 4 must indicate their size which they will take)
Block 5
There are more complex ways of formatting, for example the width indicated in relation to remaining space on the page, within browser window (parameter: position:relative ), for the demonstration try to press and hold Ctrl, then rotate the mouse wheel.

3. New lines. Due to the floating indications (float) it might happen that the following element will try to inherit the same floating. Therefore you need to indicate feature clear:left;, which forbids floating of the elements and moves them to the new line. For the convenience this wiki has template and it's sufficient to add:
{{NewLine}} - to guarantee a new line.
<br> - standard transfer to the new line which is convenient to use within the text.

4. Tables - The most convenient and reliable way of formatting. They might be combined with blocks <div /> or simply used for the content. There are many ways of implementation of the tables, you can see samples of their formatting at MediaWiki [1]

Sample of the table with the standard formatting and sorting
Header 1 Header 2 Header 3
A 1 Text1
B 2 Text2
C 3 Text3
Sample #2
123 456


Description of the add-on will be added later.

[[File:GoatPet.png]] - insertion of the image into page
[[File:GoatPet.png|30px|left|link=Name_of_the_Page|Description]] - Immage with characteristics: File, size, floating, name of the page, description (by hovering over the mouse)


Main Page - [[ Main_Page | Main Page]]

[[ Name_of_the_Page]] - Link to the page (it will show up as a name of the page).
[[ Name_of_the_Page |Text]] - Link to the page, but the link will show up as the "Text" which is convenient for integration of various forms of words within descriptions.


Option 1. - Using the template: <p style="float:left">Show spoiler:</p> {{Show|Spoiler text}}

Show spoiler:

: Spoiler text

Option 2. - Using the plug in: {{#spoiler:|spoiler_text}}

{{#spoiler:show=Show the content below the button |hide=Hide|spoiler_text}}

Option 3. - Alternative usage of the plug in: <div style="float:left;margin-left:5px;width:30%;"><spoiler>content</spoiler></div>

Toolbar icons:

The toolbar icons from the game are uploaded to the wiki for an intuitive description. You can insert them within the text using [[File:KeyE.png]].
For example: to interact with an object press the action button
Icons of the buttons are named this way: KeyE, KeyR, KeyT and so on. All the uploaded buttons and icons:

Formatting of the pages:

There are parameters (the magic words) at the top of each, It's recommended to use it for each article (page):

__NOTITLE__ To hide title

__NOEDITSECTION__ To hide editing button for the title (recommended)

__NOTOC__ To hide content of the page (recommended)

There are additional parameters at the bottom of the page:

<noinclude></noinclude> Tags for hiding of parameters

[[Category:Category-name| ]] Adds section into category for navigation

[[en:Page_English_Name]] Indicates that the page has English version of an article

[[ru:Название_Русской_Статьи]] Indicates that the page has Russian version of an article

Indication of editions:

It's very important to leave comments in the window "Description of editions" if you are editing the article of other author / or if you are cooperating with others on the same article. Briefly, what has been edited and what has been added.
Example: + recipes for high level armor, + Screenshots of the gear, spelling check, the wrong translation of the word into English "Лук - Bow -> Onion"

By default all editing has a tag of: "Small change".

The last update is indicated within the footer (at the bottom of the screen), for example: This page has been edited the last time January 09, 2021 at 22:50. You can see history of all changes by pressing button [History]