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The skill to cultivate the land, grow crops, plant trees and care for them.

To plant any flora, you need first to prepare the land by building a plant area and then a garden bed. Once ready, equip the seed and plant it into a garden bed. Equip water or any fertilizer you want to use and apply on the field.


Wild crops
Wild Root-Crop Wild Cereal
Farm crops
Root-Crop Carrot Cereal Barley Wheat
Planted Sprouting - Water/Fertilizer applied Grows Ripens
none Water - 1hr, Fertilizer - 2hr 2hr/4hr - Fertilized 1hr/4hr with Fertilizer (Barley/Wheat needs water)


Name Skill Requirements Materials Effects
Lime fertilizer 10 Bucket Lime x 3, Water x 1 Increases your skill level to raise the chance of germination, but decreases the amount of harvest and seeds.
Bird dropping fertilizer 20 Bucket Bird droppings x 1, Withered plants x 2, Water x 1 Increases harvest, but decreases your skill level required for seeds.
Bone flour fertilizer 30 Bucket Bone flour x 3, Withered plants x 2, Lime x 1, Water x 2 Significantly increases the chances of breeding new plant species and germination, but decreases the growth rate.
Organic fertilizer 40 Bucket Nettle leaves x 3, Honey x 3, Eggs x 3, Vegetable oil x 3, Withered plants x 3, Water x 3 Increases growth rate, increases chances of breeding new plant species, but decreases your skill level required for seeds.
Alchemic fertilizer 50 Bucket Alchemical reagents x 15, Caustic mucus x 1, Organic fertilizer x 1, Bird droppings fertilizer x 1 A unique achievement of modern science in the field of agriculture. (increases all fields to 200%)


Name Skill Requirements Materials
Plant area 2x2 3 Shovel -
Garden bed 5 Shovel -