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Books are an altemative source of experience. The final reading experience depends on the quality of the books, if the skill level exceeds the level of the book, or on the limitations of the book itself. For example, when reading a level 20 book, with the player skill [10] - he will receive 3910 experience (maximum value). If the skill level is [21] - 3258 experience (from the book of 100% quality). With skill [25] - 651 experience (from a book with 100% quality) or 977 (from a book with 150% quality). At level 26 of the skill, it will be impossible to read the book and the corresponding hint "You already know everything that is written in this book. "


• The player's skill level must not be higher than 5 of the book level.
• The player's skill level must not be less than 10 of the book level.
• If the player's skill level is higher than the book's level, the amount of experience depends on the difference in levels and the quality of the book itself.

Book Max XP
Level 10 book Level 10 book 510
Level 20 book Level 20 book 3910
Level 30 book Level 30 book 13210