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In Wild Terra 2 New Lands, the player develops his skills by doing actions. For example, wood processing (creating sticks, cuttings, planks) and cutting trees belongs to Lumberjecking skill. For each action the character receives experience points under the following conditions (the rules also apply to the experience of pets):

  • The required level must not be higher than 20 of the player's level.
  • The required level must not be lower than 5 from the player's level.

For example, if a [20] level player attacks a [41] or [14] level monster, he will not receive experience points for each successful attack. This mechanic is for any activity: crafting, building, gathering, resource extraction, skinning, pet training, and so on.


Books are an additional source of experience. When you use a book, you get a temporary effect that increases the percentage of experience gained in the related skill. The duration of the effect depends on the quality of the book.

Book Exp increase Time
Level 10 book Level 10 book 10% 25 min
Level 20 book Level 20 book 20% 50 min
Level 30 book Level 30 book 30% 75 min