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The skill to craft items that stop bleeding, lacerations, injuries and illnesses.


  • Crafter stamina economy (0.5% per level)


All abilities are passive.

Name Skill Effect Note
Grease 10 Crafter speed 100% Increases the speed of creating any items.


Name Skill Requirements Materials
Rough bandages 5 Knife, Workbench Small hides x 1, Fly agaric x 1
Wet bandages 9 Bucket, Workbench Rough bandages x 2, Water x 3
Weak antidote 13 Mortar and pestle Grey amanita x 3, Water x 3
Simple medicine 15 Mortar and pestle Bone flour x 1, Inflamed gallbladder x 1, Water x 1
Healing ointment 18 Mortar and pestle Alchemical reagents x 5, Blue mold x 5
Wide bandages 23 Mortar and pestle Leather strips x 1, Simple medicine x 1, Weak antidote x 1
Healing bandages 30 Mortar and pestle Wide bandages x 2, Healing ointment x 2, Fish oil x 1, Mountain sage x 1