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Almost every item have quality indicator. When an item is created, it has a bracket of quality from lowest to the highest which is correlated with the skill of the maker. Created item is rolled to get its characteristics based on the available diapason. Same goes for items acquired from loot, fishing, chests, except no skills it taken into account. Quality determines the price of the an item as well.

Price that vendor is offers is based on the quality of an item, when the color of an item implies the quality and the price.


  • Gather Success
  • Creation and building success
  • Gather amount
  • Chance to catch a fish


  • Damage

Light Armor:

  • Defense
  • Dodge

Heavy Armor:

  • Defense
  • Absorption


  • Block chance


  • Higher bonus

Bags and backpacks:

  • Higher amount of slots


  • Amount of toolbar slots


  • Amount of XP gained

Some items cant be sold, such as backer pack legendary items: Hero Helmet Hero Helmet.

Item creation:

  • Every 5 levels increases the higher possible quality of an item created by +1%.
  • Optimal skill level for an item is 5 level above required skill and higher.
  • Maximum possible bracket of quality will at level 80, 100-166%.
  • Item description shows tool percentage (example hatchet 100), which is a multiplier for a successful gather or crafting.


Iron Axe Iron Hatchet
Hatchet: 75%
Gather: 100%
Quality: 50%
Iron Axe Iron Axe
Axe: 150%
Gather: 200%
Quality: 100%
Iron Axe Iron Axe
Axe: 225%
Gather: 300%
Quality: 150%